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On Friday, March 13th my boss warned our team that management was looking into the possibility of having us work from home. On Monday, March 16th at 8:00 am we had an informal meeting were my boss told us to prepare to pack up our workstations. By 1:00 pm that same day, my coworkers began loading up carts to bring their computers home. By 4:00 pm everyone was cleared out of the office, and I got a ride home with my computer. By 5:00 pm, I had my computer set up at home.

I work at a company that is sometimes slow to change, so for all of this to happen in one day is unheard of. It was necessary, however, to protect the health of our fellow coworkers and extended community. Starting work the next day was completely strange and a little unnerving.

A month later, I have settled in to a new routine. I feel more comfortable working from home, I take daily walks around my neighbourhood, and every morning I stream the Prime Minister’s address to Canadians. – Anonymous

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