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9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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2610 Lorne Ave
Saskatoon, SK

Boomtown Café











Summer at the WDM Saskatoon

July 14 - August 26, 2018
1:00 - 3:00 pm

Interpreter on Boomtown Street

Watch for interpreters on Boomtown Street!


Saturday, July 14 –Get the Scoop on Boomtown 1910

Sunday, July 15 –Get the Scoop on Boomtown 1910

Friday, July 20 – A Stitch in Time -Sewing Cards & Embroidery practice

Saturday, July 21 – Play Like a Pioneer Program

Sunday, July 22 – Boomtown Comes Alive

Friday, July 27 and  Saturday, July 28 – Emoji Challenge

Sunday, July 29 – Emoji Challenge & Boomtown Comes Alive

Friday, August 3 – Intro to Weaving

Saturday, August 4 – Pen & Ink

Sunday, August 5 - Boomtown Comes Alive

Friday, August 10 – Monkey Business Treasure Hunt

Saturday, August 11 - Monkey Business Treasure Hunt

Sunday, August 12 – Boomtown Comes Alive

Friday, August 17 – Intro to Weaving

Saturday, August 18 – Rug-braiding

Sunday, August 19 - Boomtown Comes Alive

Friday, August 24 - Sunday, August 26 - Emoji Challenge


Program Descriptions:

Get the Scoop on Boomtown: Big news! Learn about important dates and some of the events that happened throughout Saskatchewan in 1910. Play a matching game, decide what story will make the front page, spot the fake news and add some colour to the black-and-white advertisements of Saskatoon's The Daily Phoenix. Investigate the newspaper office on Boomtown Street while you're here to get the inside scoop on life in 1910.

A Stitch In Time: Learn the basics of sewing and embroidery right on the streets of Boomtown. Kids can try out sewing cards and embroidery grids learning how to stitch lines and patterns.

Play Like A Pioneer: Learn about how children in the early twentieth-century played. Play with toys and see what kids did for fun 100 years ago!

Boomtown Comes Alive!: Interpreters will be out on the street in Boomtown, including the Women's Auxiliary working on their fibre crafts and the blacksmith with his metal crafts. Wagon rides available if weather permits.

The Emoji Challenge: Upon entry to the Museum, you will receive a card with an emoji on it. Find something in the gallery that you think represents the same thing as that emoji, take a photo, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag [#wdmemojichallenge]. The challenge will run from Friday, July 27 to Sunday, July 29. One entry will be selected on Monday, July 30 to win a free membership to the WDM!

Introduction to Weaving: Learn the basics of weaving and have the opportunity to try it out on your very own mini loom. A fun and easy skill for folks of all ages!

Monkey Business Treasure Hunt: Find the treasure chest hidden in the Museum and take one of the coins out of the chest. Exchange that coin for a draw entry at the admissions desk. We will draw a name on the following Monday. The person whose name is drawn will win a WDM Sock Monkey!

Fun With Flags: Learn about the history of the Canadian and Saskatchewan flag and design a flag yourself!

Pen & Ink: Try your hand at calligraphy & learn how to write in cursive with a nib pen dipped in ink.

Rug-braiding: Learn how to turn a long braid into a rug with some of our Boomtown interpreters!

Picturing 1910: 1910 film and photography! Flip through photos from the teen years and learn some of the history behind photography. Take a closer look at an old-fashioned camera and finish off by decorating your own picture frame that you can take home with you! Need something a little more challenging? Play our Match-The-Scene game! Match scenes from films made in the Teen years to recent remakes that share the same title then wrap up by viewing clips from 1910 films.

Monkey Business

Wagon Rides