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Boomtown Street - Buildings

Over 30 buildings make up Boomtown Street. Check out a few of the highlights below.

NEW - Edwards Funeral Home

The addition of the Edwards Funeral Home, with its roots dating back over 100 years, is in keeping with the Boomtown theme. Like museums everywhere, the WDM strives to present historically accurate exhibits – even when the subject matter may be complex or difficult. Dealing with death and grief is a universal experience, and death was an ever-present reality in 1910 Boomtown, as it is today.

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Boomtown Favourites

Blacksmith Shop

Boomtown Blacksmith ShopMembers of the Western Canadian Blacksmiths Guild can often be seen at work at the forge. Look for hand-forged items for sale in the Museum Gift Shop.

The blacksmith sharpened plowshares, replaced horseshoes, repaired wheels and shaped iron into tools and replacement parts. Metal was heated in a forge, where bellows forced air through the fire to heat the iron. Tongs were used to hold each malleable, red hot item on the anvil while the blacksmith hammered it into the desired shape with his sledge. It was then plunged into a nearby tank of water to harden it.

If you are interested in learning more about blacksmithing, sign up for the WDM Introduction to Blacksmithing course.

To find out more about blacksmithing in Saskatchewan, you may also contact the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Western Canadian Blacksmith Guild.

General Store

This building represents a typical general store where folks could receive or send mail, buy a wide variety of goods, or visit, have coffee and socialize. Very little was prepackaged. Items had to be weighed and bagged.

RNWMP Detachment

RNWMP Detachment, Boomtown StreetFrom this detachment, two Royal North West Mounted Police officers patrolled the surrounding rural area. They lived and worked in this building.

Their main job was the investigation of crimes and accidents, but they also watched over settlers who were coming to Saskatchewan in large numbers at this time.

The jail cell held people charged with various crimes. It was purchased by the town of Watson, Saskatchewan in 1914 for $135.

Boomtown Photo Studio

Photo Studio Portrait of four young kids
Visit this working exhibit to dress in period costume and take home a souvenir of your visit!

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Boomtown Studio -->

Boomtown Café

This working exhibit is open to the public. A licensed facility, it offers delicious home cooking and old fashioned hospitality in a comfortable and appealing atmosphere.

Stop in for lunch, coffee, or a delicious snack.

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Boomtown Church

Boomtown Church - exteriorOriginally a school house, this building was converted to St. Peter's Anglican Church in 1913 in Young, Saskatchewan. Individual families donated a total of 21 chairs to be used in the church. This church, moved to Boomtown Street in 1972, is the only original building on the street.

Rent this building.


Boomtown School House Labour was often pooled to build the one-room schoolhouse, along with a woodshed, board, outhouse and well. The school room was often poorly lit and somewhat chilly. The only way of adjusting the heat was to move closer to, or farther away from, the stove. Most students walked, rode horseback or arrived by horse and buggy. Schools were usually the social centre or recreation centre for the community. They were used for Christmas concerts, church services, dances, meetings and other events.

TEACHERS: Looking for education programs? Visit our Education Homepage.

Wm. Bentley Dry Goods

Bentley Dry Goods Store, Boomtown StreetMost of the fixtures and some of the stock came from the Bentley store which William Bentley operated in Delisle, Saskatchewan from 1909 until his death in 1963.

Craft Parlour

Craft ParlourOn special occasions the WDM Women's Auxiliary volunteers use the parlour beside the Bentley Store to demonstrate pioneer home crafts like spinning, rug hooking and quilting.