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Edwards Funeral Home

Behind-the-Scenes: Artifact Cleaning and Conservation

Stained Glass Windows

WDM Curatorial Centre staff working on stained glass window

Two stained glass windows from the Saskatoon Funeral Home in Saskatoon were donated to the WDM for this exhibit.

How to clean a window

At home, many of us reach for a bottle of Windex or vinegar water and a rag. At the Museum, we do things a bit differently. First, our conservation technician looks at the window’s condition – are there any cracks, breaks, or other damage?

Then, we carefully vacuum off any loose dust using a HEPA-filtered variable speed vacuum. A nylon screen covers the vacuum nozzle to keep any loose pieces from being sucked into the vacuum.

Next, we use cotton swabs (Q-Tips) dipped in a special solution to clean any remaining dust or debris. Then, we ‘rinse’ with cotton swabs and water.

Close up of work done on stained galss window

Why didn’t we replace the cracked pieces?

Because this window won’t be facing the elements, replacing cracked sections isn’t essential. Plus, if we replace those pieces with new pieces, we change the artifact – it is no longer authentic. We might not even be able to make the pieces look right. Finding the perfect colour and texture match is difficult.

Close up of crack in stained glass window

All finished!

Stained glass window with back light

Check out photos of the stained glass windows installed in the exhibit -->


What comes next?

Artifact Preparation
Funeral home artifacts - chandelier and stained glass window

Curatorial Decisions
Funeral home exhibit storyboard

Putting it all together

Stained glass windows and chandelier installed

Constructing a new building on Boomtown
Adding the roof