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2610 Lorne Ave
Saskatoon, SK

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American-Abell steam traction engine with threshing crew of several men
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Saskatoon Pleasure Driving Association

Have you ever dreamed of...
parading down the streets of Saskatoon or a small Saskatchewan city in a vis-a-vis waving at the crowd?

Have you ever dreamed of...
riding through the prairie in a wagon experiencing nature first hand, watching the deer pop, listening to the blue birds and meadow larks sing?

Have you ever dreamed of...
taking a sleigh ride through the snow with a team of Percherons, Clydesdales, quarter horses, Belgians or miniatures?

Have you ever dreamed of...
helping harvest the ways of yesteryear with the use of horses at Pion-Era?

Have you ever dreamed of...
helping learn how to build or rebuild a vis-a-vis, old bus pulled by horses, covered wagons. Anderson carts?

Have you ever dreamed of...
experiencing the many events at Western Development Museum?

Have you ever dreamed of...
learning how to pack and harness horses?

Have you ever dreamed of...
talking to people who have experienced the pioneer times?

Have you ever dreamed of...
enjoy the friendship of a great group of people who have lots to share?

Imagine, all this and more is at your fingertips.
Fulfill your dreams by joining Saskatchewan Pleasure Driving Association today! Call The Western Development Museum to make your dreams come true!
By Cheryl Hill-Hampson of the Saskatchewan Pleasure Driving Association

Questions and Answers with the SPDA

Hi I am a newcomer to the driving horse world and I would like to learn more. I have heard a lot of wonderful stories about Saskatchewan Pleasure Driving Association (SPDA). I hope you have time to answer some of my questions.

Question: First of all what are some of the benefits of belonging to this club?
Answer: First of all, there are many, many opportunities for you to meet great people. You also have many occasions to learn first hand about driving skills and experience the thrill of driving a team and perhaps a 3 or 4 horse hitch. And, one of the other benefits of belonging to the SPDA is the opportunity to hear some very interesting stories, as club members share their experiences.

Question: If I don’t own a horse can I still join the SPDA?
Answer: Anyone interested in horses can join! If you want to experience sleigh rides and wagon rides or just want to learn more about horses, you can join. There is no need to own your own horse.

Question: What activities is your group involved in?
Answer: Our volunteers drive teams of horses at the Western Development Museum throughout the year (winter, spring, summer and fall) on Saturdays and Sundays. We build replicas and restore all sorts of horse drawn vehicles, doing our part to keep our prairie heritage alive. We also take restored and newly built horse drawn replicas to all corners of the province of Saskatchewan participating in a number of parades and special events. One of the highlights of our year is the two day Pion Era summer event in Saskatoon where our club members and their horse teams take you back in time where horses carried out tasks of the Harvest that are now performed by machines.

Question: Do the members of the SPDA have any fun?
Answer: You bet we do! Our members have social sleigh and wagon rides throughout the year where there’s lots of laughter, stories are shared, and bonfires built. Club members have a variety of horse teams and enjoy taking folks along on fantastic treed lined trails that open up on to the open prairie going up and down the rolling hills. There are always special drives being planned for special occasions like Christmas.

Question: Why would you recommend becoming a member of the SPDA?
Answer: It’s a great way to meet helpful, friendly people with the same interests as yourself, and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn a different and unique part of the horse world. We would love to have you come out and see what we are all about!

I would love to join. See you every fourth Tuesday of the month in the Western Development Museum Volunteer Room. Now that sounds like my kind of group!

By Cheryl Hill-Hampson

Pleasure Driving Prose by Cheryl Hill-Hampson

South to Beaver Creek (North to Alaska)
Way down south, south to Beaver Creek
Way down south, south to Beaver Creek

South to Beaver Creek!
Go south, the wagon trek is on
South to Beaver Creek
Go south, the wagon trek is on
Rick King led the 3 day wagon trek of 2007
With Tim and 38 riders and drivers in a line
They crossed into Coop land and followed the sandy trail
Ahead the trail turned slick
Horse ‘n rider ended up in quite a fix
The trekkers crossed through sandy trails lined with trees
They spoke of deer and coyotes seen
As they spotted grazing cows and calves
With prairie lilies, bluebells everywhere
The sun felt hot, 27 was the temp
Yes, the scenery was spectacular
In the year of 2007
Where the trail is windin’ bucks they’re a findin’
South to Beaver Creek, go south, the wagon trek is on
Way down south, south to Beaver Creek
Way down south, south to Beaver Creek
South to Beaver Creek!
Go south, the wagon trek is on
South to Beaver Creek
Go south, the wagon trek is on
Riders and horses settled in for the night
At Beaver Creek beautifully treed site
Wonderful smells of steak and potatoes
Sharing stories of the day’s events, laughter all around
Campfire burning, listening to country music
The next day’s trails started rolling up and down
Heavy sand, lush grass, bushes on hills as far as the eye can see
A moose lumbers across the open prairie, coyote and rabbits too
Windmills pump water, picnics in the trees
Splashing through the slough, what a treat!
‘Cause the scenery is outstanding. It can’t be beat!
Remember, Friends, Camaraderie, Great Food,
Wonderful horses are something special,
On the wagon trek 2007
Just a little south of Saskatoon

Pion-Era 2007
SPDA volunteer
For all parts of Pion-Era
Horses watered, fed, brushed and tacked ready to go
A little bit of warm-up for the big harvest show
Drivers dressed in western gear
Keeping their horses calm and very near
Roll out the wagons, too
For rides and pitching hay
Hook those teams
To the bundle wagons and threshing machines
Move that treadmill with a team
Their teamsters keeping up their steam
Pack those horses for the trail
Harness your stead to pull the cart
Well drilling, tying bundles, crushing grain
Are all done by a Clydesdale well trained
Narrators, speakers telling jokes
Entertaining all the folks
Harnesses, bridles, saddles
Can be found in the harness shop
Working at the food booths
Homemade bread, lemonade and popcorn, too
A two day event at the
Western Development Museum
Effort, patience, more time than you’ll ever know to prepare
The Saskatchewan Pleasure Drivers Volunteers did their share.