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Virtual Camp 2021:
Animals of Saskatchewan

Discover fun Saskatchewan animal facts, make a cow mask, do butterfly bingo and learn all about beavers!  

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on the Camp Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: Click here for Instructions for using the Kudoboard This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.


Activity #1: Richardson’s Ground Squirrel aka Gopher

Young girl colouring a sketch of a gopher with pencil crayonsHave you ever seen a gopher? Maybe you’ve seen them scurry across a road? You may know them as gophers but their proper name is Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel aka Gopher (PDF)

Gopher Colouring Sheet (PDF)


Activity #2: Burrowing Owls

Young person with long brown hair, facing camera holding up an owl mask covering their eyes and noseBurrowing owls that breed in Canada are migratory, spending their winters in southern Texas in the United States and northern Mexico – over 3,400 kilometres away! Each spring they arrive back on their Canadian breeding grounds in mid-late April.

Burrowing Owls (PDF)

Make a Burrowing Owl Mask (PDF)


Activity #3: Cows

Calf in field of green grassMilk, cream, and other dairy products have not always been as easy to get as going to your local grocery store. When settlers first arrived in Saskatchewan, they had to supply these products for their family so farmers needed a good milking cow.

Dairy Farming (PDF)

Milking a Cow Colouring Sheet (PDF)

Cow Mask (PDF)
Cow Mask Instructions (PDF)


Activity #4: Butterflies

Orange butterfly

Butterflies and moths are all categorized as Lepidoptera, which is an ancient Greek word. Learn more and make a butterfly feeder below.

Learning about Butterflies (PDF)

Butterfly Feeder Craft Instructions (PDF)

Butterfly BINGO (PDF)


Activity #5: Beavers


Chances are, if you’ve spent some time around natural waterways in Saskatchewan, you’ve likely spotted a beaver. Beavers are mammals and are the largest rodents in North America.

Learn about Beavers and Make a Beaver Craft (PDF)



Activity #6: Saskatchewan Animals On Defense

Everyone needs to feel safe. We can live our best lives when we feel safe. Animals are no different than people in this way, they need to feel safe too. Learn about three Saskatchewan animals that have some pretty unique ways of defending themselves.

Saskatchewan Animals on Defense (PDF)



Activity #7: Saskatchewan Animals

Saskatchewan is home to all sorts of animals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish and more. Some of these animals live in forests or open prairie like deer, moose and coyotes, while others might live on farms like cows, horses and sheep. Did you know Saskatchewan’s provincial animal is a white-tailed deer or that our provincial fish is a walleye? Learn more about these and other wild creatures living in Saskatchewan below.

Saskatchewan Animal Flash Cards (PDF)
How To Make Your Saskatchewan Animal Flashcards (PDF)

Saskatchewan Animal Word Search (PDF)

Saskatchewan Animal Word Scramble (PDF)

Guess Who? Quiz (PDF)


Activity #8: Saskatchewan Animals in Your Home

Girl holding Kleenex box with two white mice poking their heads out

Saskatchewan is home to many wonderful animals, as you learned in the Saskatchewan Animal Flashcards. But what about the animals
that live in your home? The animals we keep as pets become the animals we know the best.

We invite you to share a photo of your pet on the WDM Virtual Camp Kudoboard.

Saskatchewan Animals in Your Home Instructions (PDF)

Caregiver note: Click here for Instructions for using the Kudoboard This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.




Answer Keys

Saskatchewan Animal Word Scramble – Answers (PDF)

Saskatchewan Animals Word Search – Answers (PDF)

Guess Who? – Answers (PDF)


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