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Virtual Camp Day 1:
Airplanes of Saskatchewan

Learn what an ornithopter is and about different planes that have flown in our Saskatchewan skies.

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on this week’s Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.

Answers to Day 1’s puzzles, quizzes, and activities will be posted at the top of Day 2’s page.


Activity #1: Welcome! (OPTIONAL)

Where are you from? How old are you?
For the first day of camp, we all want to meet each other, even if we can’t do that in person like we normally would! Let the WDM know where you’re from by posting a hello and a photo to our Kudoboard.

Kudoboard Instructions (PDF)

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Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.


Activity #2: Aviation in Saskatchewan

Black and white simple illustration of an airplane, facing the right side of the page. There are four red arrows. An arrow above the plane and pointing up has the word "Lift" beside it. A red arrow below the plane and pointing down has the word "weight" beside it. An arrow behind the plane and pointing left has the word "drag" beside it. An arrow in front of the plane and pointing right as the word "thrust" beside it.How does an airplane fly? What were the first airplanes in Saskatchewan and what did they look like? Find out in this activity, then unscramble some aviation words.

Aviation & Flight in Saskatchewan (PDF)

Aviation Word Scramble (PDF)


Activity #3: Connect the Dots to Meet the Piper Cub

Activity sheet with dots that form the outline of a Piper Cub aircraft

The Piper Cub is small, light airplane that was especially popular in northern Saskatchewan. In these activities, trace from dot to dot following the numbers to reveal the airplane’s shape and colour the beautiful plane in the sky.

Connect the Dots Activity (PDF)

Colouring Page (PDF)
This beautiful Piper Cub illustration is by local illustrator, Timothy Senko.

Share your work on this week’s Kudoboard.


Activity #4: Avro Anson Mark I Spot the Difference

Avro Ansen Mark I on display in WDM Moose Jaw

The Avro Anson Mark I was used as a training aircraft for pilots during the Second World War. Did you know pilots from many countries trained using this aircraft right here in Saskatchewan? We’ll learn more about that on Day 5. In this activity, look very closely to spot 10 differences between two photos of the Avro Anson on display in WDM Moose Jaw.

Avro Anson Spot the Difference Activity (PDF)


Activity #5: What’s an Ornithoper?

An ornithopter is a bird wing-shaped flying machine that is powered by human energy. Watch the video to see a made-in-Saskatchewan ornithopter from the WDM collection.

Read along and see more photos of the ornithopter (PDF)


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