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Virtual Camp Day 3:
Land of the Living Skies Games & Crafts

What birds and butterflies are in your backyard? Learn about a few of them – then see if you can spot them! Plus, build a birdfeeder and make a butterfly bracelet.

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on this week’s Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.


Activity #1: Story Time! Land of Living Skies

Our story today is called L is for Land of Living Skies.  In the story, we’ll learn about the wonderful animals, plants, sports, activities and people here in Saskatchewan – including the Métis.

Author: Linda Aksomitis
Illustrator: Lorna Bennett
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press, 2010


Activity #2: Make Your Own Pinwheel

Group of children holding pinwheels up to catch the wind. They are standing near the sign for WDM Yorkton.
Pin wheels are a fun way to test which direction the wind comes from and how windy it is outside.

Make Your Own Pinwheel Activity (PDF)
When you are done, take a photo to share on this week’s Kudoboard.



Activity #3: Little Cloud Story Time & Cloud Gazing

In this Story, we are going to learn about clouds!

Little Clouds Book
Author & Illustrator: Eric Carle
Publisher: Penguin Randomhouse, 2001

Video Music
Artist: Dumb Angel
Song Title: Like a Wave, Like the Tide
Album: Broken Glass


Clouds can look like many things – especially when we use our imaginations! Try out your imagination with the Cloud Gazing Activity below.

Cloud Gazing Activity Instructions (PDF)
Cloud Gazing Activity Worksheet (PDF)
Share what you saw in the clouds on this week’s Kudoboard.


Activity #4: Paint the Northern Lights

Painting of the Northern Lights, on canvas, orange, pint, blue, and a darker brown colour cascade across the canvas in wavy, horizontal stripes

The northern lights, or the aurora borealis, are one of the best-known symbols of Saskatchewan. But what causes those vibrant light shows of colour in our skies? And how did they get their name? In our next activity, you will learn how to paint your very own version of the northern lights to keep up in your house all year long!

Paint the Northern Lights Activity (PDF)


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