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Virtual Camp Day 4:
What’s the Weather

How often do you pay attention to the weather around you? Today, we’re going to listen to a story about a little cloud, start a weather diary, go cloud-gazing, and make an anemometer. Also, we’re going to find out when the hottest day ever recorded in Saskatchewan was and just how hot it got that day.

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on this week’s Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.

Answers to Day 4’s puzzles, quizzes, and activities will be posted at the top of Day 5’s page.


Activity #1: Weather Sayings

Activity page, titled "Things We Say About Weather in Saskatchewan"Have you ever wondered how people predicted weather before satellites, radar and computers? Many people used short sayings or rhymes to predict the weather based on what they saw or heard happening around them. Learn about and make some guesses about a few of these sayings.

Things We Say about the Weather Activity  (PDF)


Activity #2: Make Your Own Anemometer

An anemometer is a device that is used to measure wind speed and direction. Did you know Saskatchewan’s highest recorded wind gusts were 142 kilometres / hour in Melfort in 1976? Wowza! In this activity, you’ll make your own anemometer to measure the wind where you are.

Make Your Own Anemometer (PDF)
Share your completed anemometer on this week’s Kudoboard.


Activity #3: My Weather Diary

Activity sheet with table. Table has two rows - Row 1: Today the Weather is" Row 2: "Draw a picture of the weather" There are 5 columns for daily information to be entered.Keep track of the weather where you are for five days. What do you see and feel? If the wind is blowing, use your Anemometer to measure how hard is it blowing and record it here.

My Weather Diary Activity (PDF)
Share what the weather is like where you are on this week’s Kudoboard.


Activity #4: Regina Cyclone + Make a Tornado in a Jar

On June 30, 1912, one of the worst tornados recorded in Canada struck the city of Regina. Learn more about this tornado and how tornados form. Then, try an experiment – make a tornado in a jar!

Regina Cyclone Information (PDF)

Canning jar with purple liquid. A cyclone appears in the middle of the jar.
Make a Tornado in a Jar Activity (PDF)
Bonus: Try to take a photo of your tornado in a jar to share on this week’s Kudoboard.



Activity #5: Weather Quiz

Worksheet with Saskatchewan Weather Quiz and several questionsWhat is snirt? What is the hottest and coldest temperature ever recorded in Saskatchewan? Find out in this activity!

Weather Quiz Activity (PDF)


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