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Virtual Camp Day 3:
Animals of Saskatchewan

Do you know what Saskatchewan’s provincial animal is? Learn about a bunch of animals that call our province home. Plus, watch a beautiful story time video from local author and illustrator Amber Antymniuk.

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on this week’s Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.

Day 2 Activity Answers (PDF)


Activity #1: Story Time – H is for Home: A Saskatchewan Alphabet

Cover of H is for Home A Saskatchewan Alphabet book featuring a white bungalow with green grass and shrubs in front of it. The author's name Amber Antymnuik is at the bottom.
H is for Home:
A Saskatchewan Alphabet

By: Amber Antymniuk
Blow Creative Arts logo with stalk of wheat in front of the words and connected to the "t" in arts


Includes pre and post-read questions and activities.
Click here to read with author Amber Antymniuk >>


Activity #2: Gophers!

Illustration of a gopher standing on its hind legs

You may know them as gophers but their proper name is Richardson’s Ground Squirrel. Find out more about the little critters, then bring out your crayons or markers to colour one!

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel aka Gopher (PDF)

Gopher Colouring Sheet (PDF)
This goofy gopher is by local illustrator, Timothy Senko. When you are done colouring, share your work on this week’s Kudoboard.


Activity #3: Animals with Jobs

Throughout Saskatchewan’s history, people have relied on animals for help in many ways. As the world has changed and new technologies have been made, some of the ways animals help people are not the same as they used to be. Learn about a few of the ways animals and humans help each other in the next activity.

Animals with Jobs (PDF)

Animals with Jobs Matching Game (PDF)


Activity #4: Chicken Hatching – How does it work?

Learn about how a chick grows inside an egg and how it hatches in our next activity.

Chicken Hatching (PDF) 



Activity #5: Old MacDonald Finger Puppets

Farm animals both past and present, play important roles on farms. Check out the activity below to make finger puppets like the ones in the video. Then, you can use them when you sing along with the song!

Old MacDonald Finger Puppets (PDF)


Activity #6: Saskatchewan Animals Quiz


How much do you know about animals that call Saskatchewan home? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Saskatchewan Animals Quiz (PDF)


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