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Virtual Camp Day 4:
Made in Saskatchewan

Learn about what’s growing all around us in Saskatchewan fields, make a popsicle stick scarecrow, test your brain with some trivia and word puzzles, and be inspired by some field to table recipes.

As you complete each activity, share your work with other campers and the WDM on this week’s Kudoboard.
Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing.

Day 3 Activity Answers (PDF)


Activity #1: Story Time – What’s Growing Around Us

In this Read-Along by our partners Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan, follow Abby and her mom as they take a field trip in the prairies to learn all about where their food comes from! What’s Growing Around Us is an educational storybook that highlights many of the crops and livestock that are grown and raised on the prairies.


Activity #2: Farm to Table Recipes

Cooking with in-season fruits and vegetables is an easy way to cook nutritious and delicious meals. Find out which fruits and vegetables are in-season in Saskatchewan and a learn few recipes to try out.

Farm to Table Recipes (PDF)



Activity #3: Scarecrows

Blond haired Caucasian girl sitting at a table, holding a scarecrow craft made of pop sickle sticks, string, and paper.Scarecrows are humanlike mannequins used in farm fields to scare away birds or animals from eating seeds or crops. Learn more about scarecrows, including how they got their name, then make a popsickle stick scarecrow of your own.

Popsickle Stick Scarecrow (PDF)



Activity #4: Saskatchewan Word Puzzles

The number 3 in a red circle on the top right. The image below is of the word knife, cut through the middleEach of the pictures in the activity below represents the name, or nickname, of a Saskatchewan place. Can you puzzle them out?

Saskatchewan Word Puzzles (PDF)



Activity #5: Saskatchewan Trivia

Which of the “facts” in the activity below are true and which are made-up?

Saskatchewan True or False (PDF)


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