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WDM Virtual Camp 3
Love this Land

What makes Saskatchewan special? Join in a rap song about Saskatchewan lakes, explore your ideal cross-province road trip, and discover recipes using local ingredients.


Activity #1: Welcome!

If this is your first week of WDM Virtual Camp, come meet everyone! Let the WDM and other campers know where you’re from by posting a hello and a photo to our Welcome Kudoboard.

Kudoboard Instructions (PDF)

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Caregiver note: This is not a private board. Please make sure your children do not post anything you are uncomfortable with them sharing. Photo release link.


Day 1: All Around Saskatchewan 

Photo of large moose sculpture behind fence

Start your day with a story time video of A Prairie Alphabet. Then, sing along with a rap song all about Saskatchewan Lakes and watch a video about roadside attractions all around our province.

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Day 2: From the Earth

Brilliant orange coloured western red lily, centered among green grass and weeds. on the lily's stem is an orange and black butterfly.Colour Saskatchewan’s provincial flower, the Western Red Lily, learn how to gather and press real flowers, and test your gardening smarts with a matching game.

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Day 3: Animals of Saskatchewan

Colouring sheet of a gopher, also known as a Richardson's Ground Squirrel, standing beside a mount of dirt

Do you know what Saskatchewan’s provincial animal is? Learn about a bunch of animals that call our province home. Plus, watch a beautiful story time video from local author and illustrator Amber Antymniuk.

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Day 4: Made in Saskatchewan

Blond haired Caucasian girl sitting at a table, holding a scarecrow craft made of pop sickle sticks, string, and paper.

Learn about what’s growing all around us in the Saskatchewan fields, make a popsicle stick scarecrow, test your brain with some trivia and word puzzles, and be inspired by some field to table recipes.

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Day 5: Hard to Spell, Easy to Draw – Home Sweet Home

Four square grid of pictures, each of a different Saskatchewan berry on the bush - chokecherry, blueberry, saskatoon, and haskap

Hear a story about Gordie Howe, make ink from berries, and design your own dream Saskatchewan road trip.

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