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Let's Have Fun! Behind-the-Scenes

Ever wonder what goes into building a Museum exhibit?

Roller skates from the WDM collection

We selected artifacts.

Learn more about our collection here -->

We wrote and wrote ... text, photograph captions, artifact labels, and story signs. We searched for quotes to help bring our stories to life.

We collected video for the touchscreens.

We trusted our exhibit designer to transform ideas into three-dimension, our construction foreman and his talented crew to make it happen, and our production co-ordinator to help keep everyone on task.

We made sure all of the artifacts were ready for display.
Visit the conservation lab -->

Did you know...special supports are built to ensure artifacts don't sustain any damage as a result of being on display? If you look closely at the first photo below, you can see the Museum staff member carefully placing the football into its own special mount. The image on the right shows a toy monkey carefully secured into a set of mounts constructed to fit just right.

Staff member carefully places football into specially made mountToy monkey attached to exhibit with unique mounts

And when the content, design, and conservation work were complete, a small army of skilled and dedicated workers - carpenters, machinists, graphic designers, and technicians worked long hours to transform the design into the exhibits you see today.

Staff work to assemble Let's Have Fun exhibit

BONUS: How did we build a snow fort that lasts all year round?

We started with a giant block of Styrofoam


Our exhibit designer carefully carved it into the right shape.

Don't forget the clean-up!

The fort was then painted before being installed in the exhibit.