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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There are Signs!

At the WDM, signs are instrumental in telling the stories in our Museums. Throughout the four WDM locations, there are more than 1000 signs, most of them designed and produced in house. In 1949, when the Museum opened, signage in the galleries was hand painted or inked by a specially trained sign painter. Later, text and photos were printed onto boards using silk-screening. Computer design software and large format printers have expanded our abilities and made it easier and faster to produce supporting signage for our exhibits.

Not everything is old at the Museum! We recently purchased a brand-new large format printer that will help us produce beautiful graphics and text panels for exhibits and other signage. On an average year, the WDM prints approximately 1400 sq ft of signs. Some serve as prototypes, allowing us to see the impact of a particular design, but most end up on the Museum floor, telling the stories of our artifacts.

Our latest printer is faster, more efficient, and produces less emissions than the one it is replacing. Depending on what type of sign we are printing, adjustments can be made to tailor each print to our specifications. We have printed everything from small artifact signs, to wall-scale photographs like the one displayed in our Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project exhibit in 2019.

So the next time you visit one of our Museums, enjoy the artifacts and exhibits, but appreciate the sign!


-Cory Schewaga
Exhibits Assistant

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