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Memory Mondays – Campfires

Welcome to the new Memory Mondays! Instead of posting one photo every week we’ll share all the photos once a month on our blog and share it on Facebook. This will allow for a more cohesive experience by sharing all the photos of one theme in one place. Click on the photos to enlarge.


July’s Memory Mondays are about campfires! Roasting hot dogs, making s’mores, or just warming up on a cool evening, campfires are a fantastic way to enjoy Saskatchewan summers. Here are four photos from our Barton Collection of photographs showing people in Saskatchewan enjoying campfires!

Taken in August 1937, this photo shows a corn roast at Beaver Creek. Corn roasts were traditionally events where the community would get together to preserve corn for the winter, but soon evolved into social activities for neighbours to get together. Often done in a potluck format with everyone contributing a dish, the highlight of corn roasts is of course, corn on the cob, roasted in hot coals.
This photo from 1944 shows a group of people at Beaver Creek having a picnic with a campfire in the background. Clearly rationing (which became required in 1942) and the war didn’t stop people from enjoying the summer weather!
Another picnic photo is this one from 1928, taken at “Beaver Dam”. This could refer to one of two Beaverdam lakes in Saskatchewan (one in the southeast near Carlyle, or another far northeast near Pelican Narrows.) Alternatively, it could just refer to a beaver dam in the creek near where the picnic is taking place!
Our final photo of July is a photo of a hot dog roast over an open fire! Taken in July 1928, our notes on this photo explain that this was taken at Lake Wabasoo. Where exactly Lake Wabasoo is located is unclear. It could refer to Lake Wabasso near Jasper, Alberta, though the lack of mountains in the photo suggest that is not the case.


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