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Memory Mondays – Snowpeople

#MemoryMondays are back with pictures of snowpeople from the WDM’s George Shepherd Library Barton Collection of photographs. This collection of photos documents everyday life of a family on a farm near Saskatoon for three generations. Click on each image to enlarge.

This photo from March of 1920 shows two children with their freshly made snowperson in a field. The snowperson wears a hat and has a pipe in its mouth. It also holds a bottle in its left hand as well.
This photo of a young girl building her first snowperson was taken in November 1945. Her grandmother helped her build the snowperson.
Taken on April 15, 1948, this photo shows two children playing in a snowbank with a snowperson at the top of the bank.
This photo from March 1920 shows two children posing with their snowperson creation, the same snowperson from the first photo.

  • I knew s0me of the Barton’s. Lance in particular. His son Dennis, still lives close by, I think. They were great people, and it’s really wonderful that they had the interest in photography. Great photos of great times.

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