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Memory Mondays – Horses

Up until recently, horses have been essential to rural life in Saskatchewan. Take a look at this month’s #MemoryMondays photos to see some of the different tasks horses performed around the farm.

This 1917 photo shows two horses, named Rose and Kate, pulling a large hay wagon through the snow. Hay is fed to many types of livestock when they’re unable to graze, especially during winter.

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This photo from 1906 shows two horses hauling logs in the winter. When they arrived at their destination, the logs would be cut to be used for fuel.

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This photo from 1906-08 shows a woman in a riding outfit on Dolly the horse. Riding horses was both a practical means of transportation as well as a leisure activity for many.

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This undated photo shows a team of two horses pulling a plow across a field. Plowing breaks the ground, circulates air through soil, brings fresh, nutrient-rich soil to the surface and helps to control weeds. Though horses weren’t the only animals used to pull plows (oxen were frequently used as well) they were a popular choice.

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  • Hi. Looking forward to Nov. 7/22 Winter pictures as we previously submitted our family 6 foot toboggan for display in Saskatoon a couple years ago. Thanks. Gerald Schaeffler and Family

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