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Volunteer Highlight: Len McDonald

Len McDonald has seen a lot of Trans-Canada Highway 1 between Regina and Moose Jaw. He travels it as he goes from his home in Regina to the WDM Moose Jaw where he volunteers. Len says, “I’d be there every day if I lived closer.”

Man adjusting telescope as young boy looks into it
At Museum Day.

Len’s connection to the WDM is thanks to his involvement with the Royal Astronomical Society in Regina. Len was coordinating volunteer activities for the Society when an opportunity arose to be part of the Museum Day school program at the WDM. Len brought some telescopes to the Museum to show to students. He found he enjoyed being at the Museum so he started to volunteer for other activities whenever, as Len put it, “a body was needed.”

Len has always loved big machinery. He was interested in becoming an engineer on the K+S Potash Canada Short Line 101 locomotive but wasn’t able to take the WDM’s Steam Locomotive Operation Training Course. Programs and Volunteer Coordinator, Karla Rasmussen, suggested he try being a Short Line 101 train conductor instead. Len says it’s fun to be a conductor as you get to talk to a lot of people from around the world. He has met folks from all over Europe, China and the United States as well as from across Canada.

What Len enjoys about volunteering is that it’s a chance to be with other people and do things he’s interested in. He also likes giving back to others. He told us, “I do what I can, when I can.”

Thanks so much for all you do, Len! And thanks to our many volunteers who travel that extra mile to make the WDM a vibrant and welcoming place.

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