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Volunteer Highlight: Stan Mills

What got Stan Mills interested in volunteering at the WDM was that it provided a great environment to learn about different machines, engines and tractors. He saw it as an opportunity to continue to learn about and develop the skills needed to fabricate machine parts. As a young boy growing up on a farm, he loved learning about how things worked. As there were no welders or tradespeople who came to the farm to fix equipment, it was a necessity to learn how machines worked and how to fix them.

Stan has volunteered at the WDM North Battleford for 35 years. He brought many skills to volunteering but says he has learned a lot too. Even with all he’s learned, he continually strives to learn more methods for fabricating and constructing parts. These are his favorite activities at the WDM. He likes that he is able to help the Museum while learning at his own pace and doing what he finds interesting.

Stan also enjoys interacting with his fellow volunteers, staff members and the public. He feels that, “Everyone has a role to play at the Museum and that the knowledge our volunteers have is irreplaceable.”

Over the years, the WDM has had many talented volunteers use their special skills to benefit the Museum. Thank you to Stan, and other volunteers like him, for all you do. It is truly appreciated!


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