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Volunteer Highlight: Linda and Randall Simpson

Linda Simpson was looking for something to do when she retired. She had a long list of projects to do at home that kept her busy but she was missing social interaction. A neighbour suggested she contact the WDM. Linda started volunteering at the WDM Corporate Office in January 2018 on a project transcribing oral histories. She then developed a comprehensive school tracking spreadsheet used to gather data about WDM school programs which is an excellent resource for WDM education staff. While she still works on these two projects, Linda also helps with a WDM pictorial history.

While volunteering one day, Linda started chatting with another volunteer about the Women’s Auxiliary at the WDM Saskatoon. The Women’s Auxiliary baked cookies for one of the Museum programs. As she loves to bake, Linda thought that would be a fun project to help with. She only intended to help bake cookies but the Women’s Auxiliary were so welcoming that it evolved into Linda joining the group.

Man pointing to storybook exhibit
Randall with visitor, Michelle, in the Eaton’s Once Upon A Christmas display.

With Linda spending more time at the WDM, her husband Randall decided to come out to help as well. Randall started by helping at Pion-Era and the Festival of Trees, and eventually became involved with the upkeep of the Eaton’s Once Upon A Christmas display.

For Linda, volunteering gives her a sense of providing value. She says the projects she does at the Corporate Office, “Keep my brain active and I get a sense of accomplishment out of completing these tasks that will help the staff in their work but which staff would probably never be able to make time to complete.”

It’s great to know that Linda enjoys her volunteer time at the WDM as the work she does is so beneficial to us. Thank You Linda and Randall!

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