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Volunteer Highlight: Elaine and Louis Lahosky

Elaine and Louis Lahosky of Theodore became official WDM volunteers and members in the early 1980s. However, this wasn’t the first time they supported the WDM. They had been volunteering on and off since the 1970s whenever Elaine’s uncle Ernest Benfield, a member of the Yorkton Threshermen’s Club, would call on them for extra help. Building this connection led them to eventually join the Yorkton Threshermen’s Club, a volunteer group at the WDM Yorkton.

Man standing on threshing machine
Louis helping at the Threshermen’s Show and Seniors’ Festival.

Elaine and Louis have always had an interest in history, so supporting the WDM seemed like a natural fit. As a farmer, Louis really enjoyed working with the equipment and helping with farm demonstrations at the Threshermen’s Show and Seniors’ Festival. Elaine was asked by another volunteer, Norman Roebuck, to help with the Special Exhibit at the Show. Today, Elaine continues to work on the Special Exhibit which features a display with a different theme each year.

While their volunteer experience started as part of the Yorkton Threshermen’s Club, Elaine and Louis volunteer in a variety of Museum activities. Louis loves to help with anything agriculture related… especially if it’s John Deere green. They both help with events like the July 1st Picnic and the school program, Celebrate Christmas Past. In the mid-2000s, Louis was on the WDM Board of Directors which he really enjoyed. He loved that additional connection to the WDM.

Women sitting behind table. Table strewn wth papers.
Elaine at Museum Day.

Volunteering is not only a great way to help the WDM, but it gives something back to Elaine and Louis as well. Volunteering at the WDM has provided them with a circle of friends. Elaine put it this way, “It’s the camaraderie of being with others who have similar interests. It’s not just the volunteering but the friends you make.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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