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Memory Mondays – Boats

With summer now just around the corner, we’re highlighting photos of people boating for leisure in our #MemoryMondays this month.

A popular summer activity, boating is a great way to explore Saskatchewan’s lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Take a look at these photos of boaters from the 1920s through to the 1950s!

A photo of a family in a boat at Wakaw Lake. The child standing up is holding a small fish. Summer 1953.

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A group swimming with a boat in an unidentified creek. July 1, 1932.

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This 1940 photo shows a woman in a boat on a lake at Meota (Jackfish Lake).

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A group of boaters, possibly at Beaver Creek, with a swimmer in the foreground.

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A group of children sitting in and swimming around a boat on an unidentified body of water, 1956.

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  • Always neat to see the Barton family photos. I knew Lance Barton, who would be pictured as a young lad at this time, and also knew his son Dennis, who is still with us. The Barton’s farmed south of the city in the old Grasswood area, and I was told that the Grandmother was the one with great interest in photography, and we all thank her for that. A wonderful snapshot of farm family life at that time. Curled at the Hub City Curling Club with the Barton’s, and they were really great fellows. Almost makes me sad to see how much life was so much simpler and stress free then, as compared to today.

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