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Yvonne Yuen Artifact Mystery

We need your help!

This artifact was sewn and worn by Yvonne Yuen in the 1990s. Yvonne immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1975, opening a successful tailoring and clothing design business in Saskatoon when she arrived. In 1987 she opened the Yvonne Yuen School of Design. When it opened, it was the first accredited fashion design school in the Canadian prairies.

Yvonne wore this outfit at Christmas parties she hosted for her school. We’re hoping to gather more information about it from anyone who might have known Yvonne, studied at her school, or attended these parties.

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  • Do you remember attending events hosted by Yvonne Yuen, especially any where she wore this outfit?
  • Did she wear this outfit at events other than the Christmas parties she hosted?
  • Do you have photos of any events hosted by Yvonne Yuen?

If you think you might have answers to any of these questions, please reach out to WDM Research Associate Heather Englebert at

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