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Memory Mondays – Winter Activities

This month’s #MemoryMondays features images of winter activities! In the days before central heating and easily accessible grocery stores, Saskatchewan’s cold climate and long winters required a lot of preparation to get through safely and comfortably. Take a look at some of these winter tasks!

This photo from March 1920 shows someone using a gas engine to chop wood. The comments on the photo note that gas engines were very helpful and saved a lot of labour!

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Hunting was a great way to restock food stores throughout winter. This photo shows someone hunting behind a house in the winter of 1918.

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When there was snow on the ground that was difficult or impossible to traverse on wheels, sleighs like this were used to travel on top of the snow. No date.

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This photo from February 1948 shows a snowmobile in Saskatoon, near the corner of 21st St E and 4th Ave. The notes on the photo refer to this as a ‘winter taxi.’ Though not part of an official taxi service, it was used by an individual in Waldheim to transport people to and from Saskatoon during the winter.

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