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Case Eagle

Meet Old Abe (WDM-1973-S-8879), the long-time symbol for the J.I. Case Machinery Company. The WDM has four Old Abe Case Eagles in its collection. The eagle was adopted as the trademark for J. I. Case in 1865, inspired by a bald eagle who was the mascot for a Union company in the American Civil War and named after President Abraham Lincoln. Old Abe first sat atop a globe in 1894, whereas before he had perched on a branch. After a long run, the eagle logo was retired in 1969.

Two young boys looking up at the Case Eagle as it sits on a large globe.
WDM photo

The Case Eagle on display in North Battleford is 12 feet high, towering above visitors at every angle! He was donated to the WDM in March of 1970. Prior to that, Old Abe sat on the roof of the Case building in Regina, inviting potential buyers inside to make a deal on a new Case tractor.

Old Abe can be seen at the WDM North Battleford.

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