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PotashCorp Coveralls, 2000s

Potash is the name for several forms of common salt used as crop fertilizer. Saskatchewan has the largest and richest potash deposits in the world. For at least another century, the province is poised to be a world leader in potash production.  

Saskatchewan’s Official Mineral
In 1997, potash was named the official mineral emblem of Saskatchewan. This is a fitting choice for a province that prides itself on agricultural leadership and excellence. Sometimes called ‘the quality nutrient,’ potash is used all over the world as a crop fertilizer for corn, soybeans, coffee, rice and potatoes.

These coveralls were worn by Devin Lorenz at PotashCorp’s (now Nutrien) Allan mine. Devin is one of over 30,000 Saskatchewan people employed in the mining industry. His coveralls remind us of workers who spend their days 1,000 meters underground. They work in tunnels of potash deposited about 400 million years ago.

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