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Precious Metal – Agricultural Machinery Exhibit

Facade of farm quanset, with mock sliding barn door. The sign above reads "farm machinery." Black doors lead to the agricultural machinery exhibit.

The WDM has one of the largest agricultural machinery collections in Canada. In this exhibit, giant gasoline tractors and steam traction engines from the 1910s rest alongside “newer” machines from the 1920s and 1930s. Harvesting equipment from the reaper to the threshing machine bear witness to the enormous amount of power needed to bring in each year’s crop.

During special events, new life is breathed into old iron as volunteers and staff demonstrate select machines.


  • Chase Motor Truck Co. gas tractor, 1919
  • Pioneer gas tractor, c. 1916
  • Hart-Parr 15-22 HP gas tractor, c. 1915
  • Mogul 10-20 HP International Harvester gas tractor, c. 1917
  • Mogul 45 HP International Harvester gas tractor, c. 1911
  • Hart-Parr 20-40 HP gas tractor, c. 1912

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