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100 Years of Saskatchewan History

This exhibit celebrates 100 years of Saskatchewan history.

This introduction area dramatically sets the stage for 1905 by giving an overview of the long and eventful story before provincehood.

A First Nations female mannequin from about 1850, a young Métis man from about 1870 tell the story with two other mannequins, an immigrant woman from 1890 and a politician in 1905. A mural in the introduction areas shows a pristine parkland view before European contact.

Events on the 1905-2005 timeline chronicle Saskatchewan achievements and challenges during the first 100 years of the province. An authentic log home tells a compelling story of early hardships. Two carved figures symbolize the sacrifices people made when they left their homelands. The Theatre celebrates Saskatchewan people and places.

  • Saskatchewan Theatre

    Saskatchewan is not all flat. Saskatchewan is not all fields. Saskatchewan is forest and muskeg, bogs and fens, sand dunes and sloughs, rocks and lakes, hills and coulees. Nature has blessed us with a full pallette of colours and textures, shadows and light ... all stretching beneath the biggest canopy...

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  • 100 Year Timeline

    See artifacts, photos, and video representing the events and trends which shaped and affected Saskatchewan since 1905. Did you know...Cedoux, a community north of Weyburn, was on the receiving end of Canada’s largest recorded hailstone in 1973. The baseball-sized stone weighed 290 grams (over ½ pound) and measured 114 mm...

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  • Log Home

    Few people ever crossed the threshold of a home built almost 100 years ago, nestled in a bluff of trembling aspen, a few kilometres northwest of present-day Theodore, Saskatchewan. For years the small log home had sat abandoned and at the mercy of the winter cold and summer heat. That...

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  • Let’s Have Fun

    How do we unwind after the work is done? In a province with two very distinct seasons, winter and summer fun are very different. From skating to snowshoeing, tennis to tenting, we spend our downtime alone or with friends and family, indoors or outdoors, in sports or in cultural pursuits....

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