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J. Marjan Shoe Shop [Brick Building]

This single-story brick building (WDM-1991-NB-11) was built by an unknown builder as a shoe repair shop commissioned in 1932 by Jakob (Jake) Marjan and his wife Leokadia (Lottie) (née Martin). The brick façade, though simple, features ornate Art Deco geometric designs on the cap and the square columns on either side of the front of the building. The deep-set door and windows evenly spaced in the front balances the appearance of the building.

After Jake retired in 1979 after 50 years of business, several other businesses used the building until 1991 when it was slated for demolition to make way for a new mall in downtown North Battleford. The Western Development Museum (WDM) acquired the building instead, and in September 1991 it was moved to the WDM North Battleford grounds.

In 2024, a new permanent exhibit honouring Jakob’s shop was installed in the newly renovated interior of the building, featuring original artifacts from the shop, an interactive guessing game and Jakob’s life story.

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