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School Visit Chaperones – WDM Saskatoon

During school visits, adult teachers and chaperones attending are expected to provide supervision for students.

For Self-Guided Museum visits and most programs*:

  • One teacher per class is admitted at no charge (included in the ratio numbers noted below).
  • Educational Assistants or adults who provide one-on-one assistance to students with specific needs are not included in those ratios and are also admitted at no charge. Other adults over the above ratio will be charged the adult group rate ($9.50).
  • Adult chaperones are admitted at no charge at the following ratios:
    • PreK & K: 1 chaperone to 3-4 students, depending on program
    • Grade 1 – 8: 1 chaperone to 5 students
    • Grade 9 – 12: 1 chaperone to 8 students

Adults over the above ratios will be charged at the adult group rate.

*NOTE: Individual programs may have different chaperone ratios. Please check with the Museum when booking.


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