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Boomtown Street

Two people pose inside the blue McLaughlin car

Saskatchewan boomed with economic activity from the turn of the century to 1914. Landseekers flooded the west and towns grew almost overnight. 1910 Boomtown, an indoor representation of a typical Saskatchewan town, recaptures the atmosphere and style of this bustling period. Over 30 buildings await!

  • Virtual Visit – Explore Boomtown Online

    Want a sneak peek before you visit? Can't visit in person? We've got you covered with two online ways to explore.   Explore Boomtown via Google Street View The Google Street View team visited the Saskatoon WDM. "Walk" the street in this epic Boomtown Street View adventure.   Explore Boomtown via...

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  • Blacksmith Shop

    Volunteer blacksmiths can often be seen at work at the forge. The blacksmith sharpened plowshares, replaced horseshoes, repaired wheels and shaped iron into tools and replacement parts. Metal was heated in a forge, where bellows forced air through the fire to heat the iron. Tongs were used to hold each...

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  • St. Peter’s Anglican Church

    Originally a school house, this building was converted to St. Peter's Anglican Church in 1913 in Young, Saskatchewan. Individual families donated a total of 21 chairs to be used in the church. This Church, moved to Boomtown Street in 1972, is the only original building on the street. The Church...

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  • Schoolhouse

    Labour was often pooled to build the one-room schoolhouse, along with a woodshed, board, outhouse and well. The school room was often poorly lit and somewhat chilly. The only way of adjusting the heat was to move closer to, or farther away from, the stove. Most students walked, rode horseback...

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  • Boomtown Photo Studio

    Check out c. 1910 cameras and photography equipment, By 1910, some communities in Saskatchewan were fortunate enough to have permanent photography studios. To make a living, however, many commercial photographers travelled extensively throughout the prairies. Large cameras, similar to the one in this studio, were standard equipment.  

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  • Boomtown Café

    The Boomtown Café is a “working exhibit” with 1910 era decor and delicious, home style food at a reasonable price.  The Café serves a variety of hearty items, from pancakes and omelettes to chicken strips and burgers. Lite items like salads and sandwiches are also available.  Check out the menu...

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