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Farm Boots, 1920s

These boots are typical of the sturdy footwear needed to work on Saskatchewan farms. They belonged to a farm labourer who immigrated to Saskatchewan from Russia. Little else is known about them.  

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Unclear Origins
The exact identity of the original owner of these boots is a mystery. They belonged to a Russian immigrant to Saskatchewan who was born in 1912 and arrived in Canada as a child in 1915.  

The individual who wore these boots wore them while working on a farm near Donwell. The boots were later given to a friend who in turn donated them to the WDM.   

Hired Hands
In the early 20th century, farms expanded far faster than technology developed. This meant that more people were required to work the land. It was difficult if not impossible for landowners to find enough knowledgeable labourers. They would often have to turn to inexperienced workers instead.  

Farm hands were hired from seeding until harvest for room and board and a small paycheck. During the busiest seasons of spring and fall, even more workers would be brought on.  

Many newcomers to Canada worked as farm hands for a few seasons until they knew enough about agriculture to purchase their own farms. 

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