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Memory Mondays – Boomtown

On July 11, 1972, the WDM Saskatoon opened its doors to the public with its main highlight, “Pioneer Street,” now called Boomtown. To celebrate, our #MemoryMondays feature will highlight a few photos showing the construction process of Boomtown.

This postcard shows early concept art for Boomtown, c. 1971.

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This photograph from February 1972, shows the front end of Boomtown. The building on the left now houses the Boomtown Café and the construction on the right for the doors to the lobby.

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This photo shows early progress on Boomtown. The harness shop and the church are the only buildings visible. January 1972.

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With a bit more progress, this photo shows one side of Boomtown under construction. The entrance to the lobby is visible on the right at the far end of the photo. February 1972.

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This photo from February 1972 shows the opposite side of Boomtown with St. Peter’s Anglican Church in the foreground.

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  • How great it is to see these photos of Boomtown Street under construction. What great vision the development committee must have had, and how proud they would be to see how enjoyable it is to all the visitors that we welcome.

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