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A volunteer showing a couple a lady's boot from the 19th century.Museums conjure up many images, mostly involving displays of objects. But the real lifeblood of a museum is not only in the things it collects. The lifeblood of a museum is the people who immerse their time and talents in the work of the museum.

At the Western Development Museum, along with a handful of dedicated staff, museum work is accomplished by thousands of extra hands. The hands belong to over 1,000 volunteers who generously support Saskatchewan heritage every day, every year.

Thank-you to all of our volunteers for all of the time and talent they dedicate in helping make us a living and vibrant Museum!



Blacksmith hammers a piece of metal on the anvil
How to Volunteer

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the WDM is not accepting new volunteers until further notice.

Find out more about volunteering at:

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